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Care Instructions: Here are some simple maintenance habits to enhance your jewelry life.

Protect your jewelry from chemicals, sunlight & extreme temperatures. Perfume, hair spray or make-up should be applied before putting on your jewelry. Likewise, jewelry should not be worn in a hot tub or swimming pool as chlorine can damage not only gemstones but metals including gold. Remove your jewelry before bathing, cleaning or gardening.

Wipe jewelry with a soft cloth after each wear to remove oils, make-up or salts. Please note that not all cleaning methods are suitable for all jewelry. Even mild chemicals or commercial jewelry cleaning products may damage certain gems. For example, turquoise may lose its luster with soap & water while home ultrasonic cleaners may not be suitable for lapis lazuli, pearls or opals.

Store jewelry flat to avoid stretching (specially beaded or knotted necklaces); separate so it won't scratch (metal should be kept from rubbing pearls or soft gems); Keep away from sunlight to prevent fading (Rose Quartz, Kunzite are among the semi-precious stones that could fade if exposed to direct sunlight for lengthy periods). To discourage tarnishing, store your silver in a plastic bag or a dry container. Don't store pearls in plastic bags.

Customized Service: Customized Service is available. You may use either the Contact Form or e-mail us at with your request. Please remember that custom orders are non-refundable and require a deposit prior to starting the jewelry.

Next Day delivery: Next day delivery is available. If you need something in a hurry, please contact us for details.  

Wholesale: Wholesale purchases are available to qualified customers. Please contact us for information on how to open an account.  

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